Our general advice service can help you with a range of issues that might cause you problems in life. This is not a full list. If there is something you need help and advice on that isn’t mentioned here, you can still contact us and we’ll find a way to help.



Our team of trained advisers can help you with housing issues, including:

  • Difficulties paying your rent or mortgage
  • Facing eviction
  • Living in poor standard accommodation
  • Waiting for an unacceptable time for repairs
  • Living in overcrowded conditions
  • We also help landlords experiencing difficulties with tenants
  • Need adaptions made to your home



We also administer Cornwall Council’s Tenancy Sustainment Scheme, which can help private tenants who are in arrears and facing eviction with up to £5,000.

Citizens Advice Cornwall works on a case-by-case basis, looking at the reason for the arrears and providing advice and assistance. If the private rental is sustainable for both landlord and tenant, we can pay off the rent arrears up to £5,000.

To see if you qualify for this scheme please email: tenancyhelp@citizensadvicecornwall.org.uk

Please provide a contact mobile or landline number.


Criteria for scheme:

Tenants MAY be eligible for assistance if:

  • they live in Cornwall
  • it’s a private sector rental
  • they are in rent arrears by two months or more
  • they have been threatened with or served with an eviction notice
  • the future rent payments are affordable
  • the landlord agrees to stop possession action and extend the tenancy.


Please note:

  • Payments are paid directly to landlord to clear tenant’s arrears.
  • The scheme is open to all tenants whether they are working, not working or claiming benefits.


We will make up to three attempts to contact the client and if we have been unable to contact them, we will provide our contact details. If there is no contact the case will be closed and we will take no further action.


This project is run on behalf of Cornwall Council, with funding from the Government’s Covid Outbreak Management Fund.


Citizens Advice can help you navigate the benefits maze – from Personal Independence Payments (PIP) and Child Benefit to help if you’re on a low income and bereavement benefits.

Whether you’re unsure if you qualify, running into difficulties with your claim or appeal or feel your claim has been mishandled we have expert advisers who can listen to your problems and help you find a way forward.



Managing a relationship breakdown is a stressful experience, especially if children are also involved. We can help you explore you options about access to family members, finances and property and explain your rights.



 Many aspects of discrimination are now covered by legislation. If you feel you’ve been unfairly treated by a public service, private business or employer because of your gender, race, religion or disability, or for any other reason, please contact us.



Redundancy, unfair dismissal or unfair treatment at work – by fellow workers, managers or your employer – can be difficult to handle on your own. Citizens Advice can listen to your problems, explain your rights and help you find a solution.

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