The Citizens Advice Macmillan Project provides welfare benefits and grant advice countywide to people diagnosed with cancer, including their family and carers. The project is based at the dedicated cancer support centre at The Cove in the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro.


Having a cancer diagnosis can dramatically affect someone’s financial circumstances. Not being able to work, needing to reduce working hours or managing on a fixed income can mean having to make financial choices which increases the stress and worry at an already difficult time when patients should be focusing on their treatment and recovery.


Daily living costs can increase – travelling to hospital for treatment; higher heating bills because patients are at home more and have increased sensitivity to the cold; changed dietary requirements; weight loss or gain meaning clothes no longer fit properly and additional childcare costs.

We aim to maximise people’s income to help lessen the financial impact and we advise and support clients to help them make informed choices. We provide a service that helps clients negotiate the benefits system and make Macmillan grant applications on behalf of our clients. We also work with other Macmillan professionals in Cornwall to provide further support to those affected by cancer.


In the last year, the project secured £18,411 in Macmillan grants and an income gain including welfare benefits totalling £1.7m on behalf of the people who used our service.



Phone: 01872- 256373. – You will be asked to leave a message, and can expect a call back within 24 hours (excluding weekends)