Help for People at Risk of Losing Their Homes in Cornwall

Citizens Advice Cornwall is working with the Legal Advice Centre University House to help those people in Cornwall most at risk of losing their homes.

Free representation is available for those facing possession proceedings in court, and staff working on the project will be on hand to provide help and support before the hearing. The scheme covers mortgage repossessions, tenancies and squatters.

Specialist Advice Manager, Martin Jackson, said:

“It’s often the case that the most vulnerable people do not seek help until the last minute and sometimes do not take advantage of the free service at all so face a greater risk of losing their home and becoming homeless.

“As courts have now started hearing possession cases again following lockdown, we’re concerned that more people who have fallen behind on rent and mortgages will be facing eviction or loss of the roof over their heads.”

People facing possession proceedings at Truro or Bodmin courts are urged to get legal aid assistance as soon as possible before a hearing date. For help contact or call 0208-980-5522 (weekdays 10am-4pm).

If they can’t get legal aid in time, they can get free legal advice (whatever their finances) on the date their case is reviewed.

The court will send a Notice of Review which tells people how to get this free legal advice on the day. The legal adviser may be able to help resolve the case so the client doesn’t have to go before a judge at a later date.

If you have a hearing date and haven’t sought legal aid, you can still get free legal advice and representation but your adviser will have more time to put together a case if you seek help at an earlier stage.